Brise-lames Cabinet
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Brise-lames cabinet, cabinet bar in patinated bronze and ebony.

This piece of furniture sculpture is inspired by the region of origin of the designer. It represents the breakwaters found at the foot of the ramparts of Saint-Malo. These huge oak stakes, fashioned for centuries by the tides, intended to protect the corsair city, are represented on the furniture by the bronze feet covered with a green patina. The upper part of the cabinet in ebony is dressed in bronze nets drawing the silhouette of the stakes and allowing the opening of four doors. The interior is covered in white leather and has three small drawers that can hold bottles of alcohol. Shelves on both sides of the cabinet are used to store glasses.

Patinated bronze, ebony. Interior lined with leather, bronze and ebony

Size : 70,86 x 15,74 x 72,83 in.

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