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International artist, inspired designer

Jean-Luc Le Mounier is one of the rare contemporary French designers who draws and creates his own furniture pieces

The French designer Jean-Luc Le Mounier is a cabinetmaker and designer of art furniture whose workshop is located in Brittany in his native region. He is an artist inspired by everything around him, fashion, architecture or nature. Over the years he became a true explorer of the material. He owes the exceptional mastery of his know-how to his twenty years of experience which followed his ten years of training in cabinetmaking art at the Compagnons du Devoir, an institution renowned in the world of luxury crafts.

Audacity, creativity and impeccable workmanship

This passionate artist works on each unique piece and each new collection in the way of the greatest couturiers

The sculptural works of Jean-Luc Le Mounier, whose impeccable craftsmanship has become indissociable from his signature, are the fruit of a unlimited imagination whose audacity and creativity are now recognized by the greatest collectors. For this passionate artist working in the way of the greatest couturiers, each unique piece and new collection is an opportunity for him to associate with his knowledge-Handcraft the most exceptional precious materials such as bronze, enamel, shagreen or even gold thread embroidery. Its goal is to make its customers a unique experience in the decoration and design of their interiors.

A contemporary signature recognized worldwide

From Design Miami Basel to PAD London, an international dimension

Jean-Luc Le Mounier’s creations are presented at major design fairs (The Salon Art+Design New York, Design Miami, PAD Paris…) and in renowned international art galleries such as Maison Gerard in New York. His unique creativity has allowed him to meet a clientele of art collectors and work with famous international architects, decorators and prescribers. Each exhibition of the artist’s work produced in limited edition allows art lovers around the world to discover spectacular, unique and high-end with exceptional contemporary design.

Awards and recognitions

Originality and exceptional quality of the creations of an established artist

As a recognized actor of Made-in-France, the French Ministry of Culture awarded Jean-Luc Le Mounier’s workshop the label “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (EPV) for its involvement  in respect of the French tradition and know-how.

In the United States, his incredible “Papillon” cabinet was awarded the prestigious “International Design Awards” (IDA) in Los Angeles, which allowed him to seduce great decorators like Peter Marino and Tony Ingrao, or iconic brands such as CHANEL that have used its services for their luxury boutiques and private customers, attesting to the originality and exceptional quality of the pieces created by this confirmed artist.

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