2-door Hamada Cabinet
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Hamada two-door cabinet in black stainless steel and platinum-coated enamel

The two-door version of the Hamada enamel cabinet, which means arid land in Arabic, inspired Jean-Luc Le Mounier to create a whole collection based on the aesthetics of the cracked rocky plateaus of the Saharan deserts. Its fragile, precious decoration is displayed on the furniture using the ancestral technique of enamelling on copper. Black crystal (enamel) covers thin sheets of copper in successive stages of firing at very high temperatures. These are then covered with platinum, like a piece of jewellery. The inside of the cabinet is made of Ceylon lemon wood.

Black brushed stainless steel, ebony, platinum-coated enamels. Interior in Ceylon lemonwood.

Size : 51,18 x 16,14 x 43,30 in.

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