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Origami cabinets engraved in pink bronze and black sand

Inspired by the graphic design of a concrete wall of a building photographed in New York, these cabinets with unique geometric motifs are a creation imagined after Jean-Luc Le Mounier’s first trip to the United States. The building’s powerful graphics have led the artist to combine several materials, including the most unique, black sand. He transcribed the mineral side of the wall, associated with the raw bronze of foundry, and resumed the damaged aspect of the lower building. A lot of work around the engraving of black resin pieces allowed to play with the shades of black and the light catch. These two monolitic blocks open delicately to reveal an interior finely lined with sunny yellow leather, giving access to different storage.

Pink bronze, black resin, black sand and colored leather.

Size : 33,46 x 16,53 x 70,86 in. each

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