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Black cabinet, desk secretary in shagreen and black stainless steel

This cabinet uses the architecture of the Louis XIII period cabinets: a precious chest placed on a pedestal with 6 or 8 feet. The facade is entirely sheathed in raw black shagreen, reminiscent of the bas-relief motifs in the period cabinets. The natural design of the shagreen skins brings a very marked pictorial aspect, both elegant and powerful. The exterior of the cabinet is a mix of black stainless steel for the case and polished stainless steel for the base. The central part contains a flap with a writing board wrapped in black leather. Several stainless steel fittings offer small storage drawers. Two doors are hidden on each side of the writing desk.

Black shagreen, black brushed stainless steel and polished stainless steel. Interior in white brushed stainless steel, lemon and shagreen.

Size : 59,05 x 13,77 x 59,05 in.

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